Objeq Delay

music production knowledge

Objeq Delay by Applied Acoustics Systems is a great multifaceted delay plug-in that will help you get creative with unique filtering options. Thanks to the acoustic object models you will have the ability to go beyond what traditional delays do with modulation type effects, drum track layering, dynamic loop mangling, one-shots and drones. The plug-in combines acoustic filtering with a top-notch delay unit. There is also space for shaping via low and high cut filters and can create complex rhythmic patterns. Onboard you will also find an LFO module that makes the package even more interesting with comprehensive modulation to filters and resonators with delay parameters.

The unit is loaded with 35 echo presets covering the whole spectrum of delay possibilities that span from slap, super lush spaced out echoes, psychoacoustic effects, feedback filters and more. With the LFO and the full list of modulation destinations, the 44 modulation presets will allow you to create chorus, vibrato, flanger, tremolo and automated filter modulation effects. There is a rhythmic loop manager with 36 pre-loaded presets giving you the power to give life to rhythmic loops and pushing elements. The module works together to create complex and fresh beats.

There is a snare track enhancer with 20 presets that will make Objeq Delay a great candidate for your snare tracks. Drone presets come with a high resonance and modulation form, and they even react to the source material. There is expert designer Richard Devine material available to explore some incredible sonic transformations as well as Marin Walker sound designer. The plug-in has real-time control over your parameters with your DAW and can host tempo sync for effects and modulation with unlimited undo and redo capabilities for your tranquillity. Acceptable plug-in formats for the Objeq Delay are AU, VST and AAX Native.

Image: Applied Acoustics Systems