music production knowledge

The MixChecker by Audified is a plug-in that has been designed and created with the idea to have a tool that helps you to double-check your audio creations in several devices, giving you the unique perspective of each sound through those devices to help you make decisions of final mixing adjustments. It is elemental for anyone who is mixing a track to take into account where the sound is going to be consumed and reproduced, thanks to MixChecker Pro it can be quickly be done with the help of great features to stimulate devices and their surrounding.

With this plug-in, you will have direct reference to how your music will sound in different scenarios, for example in the car, mobile device, regular speakers, headphones and more. Getting this reference you will be able to fix your audio to find the right mix in order to get the best sounding clarity possible. If you find yourself listening to the audio you have been working on sounding with a lack of punch and clarity when played in another place that is not your studio, it would be wise to try MixCheker to help you find the perfect mix.

Before MixChecker, this task involved a procedure of exporting your music or sound and listening to it in different condition like your car, computer, tablet and then back to the studio to get on with your tweaks and export again. All these time-consuming tasks have been now made easy with this plug-in. With MixChecker you will know where you stand in seconds. The interface is pretty straight forward and simple to use, just click any of the models and get an instant response, if you do not have flat frequency monitors and you are using standard 5″ and 8″ speakers or headphones there is a compensation section to turn on.

Image: Audified