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SigMod by Nugen Audio is a nifty modular signal sound design plug-in. It will instantly enhance how your plug-ins work in your DAW by modifying signal units. With this plug-in you can explore new creative possibilities and add new features to your audio and music productions. SigMod contains numerous valuable, imaginative capacities which are practical and easy to activate. Combine these single-process modules in any arrangement to plan the exact routing you require. Auto-resizing keeps the signal stream and functionality clear at all times.

A quick guide to become acquainted with SigMod

The SigMod plug-in is ripe with creative possibilities. With it, you’ll be able to play and explore in many different ways. Include mid/side usefulness to the classic stereo compressor and EQ imitations. Alternatively, get inventive with mid/side delays, twisting and numerous other effects by embedding the mid/side encoder/decoder on either side of your left/right plug-in instance. Conveniently, if you insert the Protect unit over your output bus this safety module will naturally cut in to anticipate bursts of noise or feedback howls. It will spare both your nerves and your speakers. Thanks to having the manual or auto reset options you can level your protection.

Drop in with the Tap module and you’re good to go. Use the Crossover module to split the highs from the lows and apply diverse effects to distinctive recurrence ranges. This is great to avoid dirtying the low frequencies. It also allows you to get inventive with automation and clear effects. A few of SigMod’s modules are designed to reach the reliability which is absent or unreliable on certain DAWs. Solo/mute or trim the cleared-out and right sides of a stereo signal autonomously, or effectively flip the stereo picture in one tap. Rapidly identify and rectify DC counterbalanced to hold profitable headroom.

How does your mix sound in mono? Think about how many audience members will be using a phone or a Spot radio with one speaker. The Mono module switches your signal from stereo to mono in one click. Moreover, you can check the phase relationship between your left and right channels with the Stage module.

Image: Nugen Audio