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Smart:Comp from Sonible is a Spectro Dynamic Compressor plug-in that works by finding the parameters for a perfect and balanced compression in a simple and efficient way. It ensures you get fantastic transparency by using frequency selective processing. The spectral compression is all around giving a track the leading conceivable definition and maximum transparency. By persistently analyzing the input signal over more than 2000 groups, smart:comp acts like a cleverly, ultra-high-resolution multiband compressor that powerfully smoothes out tonal lopsided characteristics. Once you encounter its control, you wouldn’t need to miss it.

smart:comp’s spectral compression as it applied compression where it is truly required and so guarantees a reliable tonal and energetic balance at all times. Utilize the feature to clean up tracks within the blending stage or to put the wrapping up touches on your mix when mastering. The plug-in altogether speeds up the task of compression and conveys results with more noteworthy precision than ever. With just one tap the plug-in analyzes the approaching sound signal and sets particular parameters that result in well-balanced compression – all with the commonplace see and dealing with of a single band compressor.

Behind the instinctive interface of smart:comp, runs the smart: engine – an A.I.-based, content-aware system outlined on the premise of psychoacoustic standards as well as broad hands-on mixing experience. In spite of the fact that the plug-in significantly helps in making a quick workflow when the smart:engine is enacted, you hold control over the ultimate result and are able to get to and alter all basic parameters.

Frequency-dependent ducking in sidechain mode consistently combines signals that compete for consideration inside the same spectral regions. smart:comp ‘listens’ for potential spectral clashes and powerfully ducks influenced frequency regions of the input signal. smart:comp’s frequency-dependent ducking makes beyond any doubt that the track of your choice remains within the spotlight of a blend. On the off chance that you need to utilize smart:comp for broadband ducking, fair empower the spectral ducking.

Image: Sonible