Synthox by UVI


The crude analogue control of the Elka Synthex returns in Synthox form 1.5, this time as a flexible cross breed Analogue/FM workstation! Synthox highlights dual-layer engineering which lets you openly mix crude waves from the Synthex and EK-44 for a wild unused run of sonic possibilities. Both synths were completely adjusted at that point profoundly multi-sampled to provide you with a total extend of crude waveforms, clamour oscillators and custom patches with the bona fide equipment character.

Synthox 1.5 gives numerous easy-to-use modulation alternatives by means of two arpeggiators (one per layer), an LFO and a step modulator. Take full control over both layers waveshape, plentifulness and channel envelopes as well as pitch, stereo and channel areas and a quick mod wheel task framework for flexible sound plan and execution capabilities.

A well respected and progressively uncommon analogue synthesizer, the Synthex (1981-1985), comes from Italian producer Elka and was made popular in a portion by Jean Michel Jarre. The one of a kind oscillator plan and rich channels in this synth pack a particularly thick and crude sound. Too included in Synthox 1.5 is a profound sampling of the Elka EK-44 (1986). An uncommon 4-operator FM synth based around Yamaha’s YM2203 chips, the EK-44’s crude advanced sound palette makes a brilliant counterpoint to the Synthex and can lead to a few really interesting sounds.

Synthox is also included within the Vintage Vault Bundle from UVI. with a comprehensive collection of 65 instruments giving you the foremost critical synth and drum machine sounds from the final 50 a long time. Based on 250 vintage machines, Vintage Vault 3 conveys over 10,000 hand-crafted presets from over 500,000 meticulously recorded samples. Involvement in the true sounds of vintage equipment instruments with the simplicity of the computer program.

Image: UVI