USQ-1 by UVI

Released in the ’80s, the Ensoniq ESQ-1 was one of the primary affordably priced workstation-class keyboards on the market, combining an 8-voice, multitimbral digital/analogue cross breed synthesizer and an included 8-track sequencer. The ESQ-1’s voice design permits customization of up to 3 advanced oscillators, assignable to any one of 32 waveshapes, taken after by a Curtis 4-pole 24dB/oct thunderous low-pass analogue channel and 15 routable tweak sources. The sound quality of the ESQ-1 is all-at-once advanced, warm and unmistakably ’80s – a genuine pearl of the time whose sounds still ring with a brilliant profundity and character.

USQ-1 gives you 268 selectable layers that are made from over 22,000 samples. To exhibit the sonic potential we’ve included 400 all-new patches including everything from wealthy chimes, strings and leads to thick basses, finished pads and tweaking environments. The design of the original ESQ-1 gave UVI the chance to form both classic sounds that you’d expect from a vintage-era synth additionally modern patches utilizing more modern sound design strategies. All-in-all these sounds ring with an extraordinary “vintage digital” vibe that synths of this time, and the ESQ-1 particularly, do so well.

The sounds in USQ-1 are nitty-gritty and powerful. Each fix started with a sound plan on the initial equipment and was recorded at UVI’s main studio through the highest-quality processors and converters accessible. You’re not just hearing the output jacks of the synth, the whole signal chain was mindfully considered to form a wealthy and proficient “wrapped up record” sound that’s both mix-ready and motivating to play.

Included presets can effectively be altered or you can construct your own patches from scratch. Authentic sounds from the ESQ-1 are displayed in a dual-layer design permitting for the design of two custom oscillators each with free wave determination of 268 layers, ADSR amp, a multi-mode channel with envelope, pitch, portamento, stereo, LFO, multi-step and modwheel balance assignments and an arpeggiator.

Image: UVI