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Impact LX88+

The Impact LX88+ may be a special USB MIDI controller console outlined for console players searching for additional reach. It’s jam-packed with cleverly, expressive execution control and snares up naturally to your DAW! On the off chance that you lean toward controlling MIDI equipment, utilize the build-in MIDI Out as well as the broad MIDI…
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USQ-1 by UVI

Released in the ’80s, the Ensoniq ESQ-1 was one of the primary affordably priced workstation-class keyboards on the market, combining an 8-voice, multitimbral digital/analogue cross breed synthesizer and an included 8-track sequencer. The ESQ-1’s voice design permits customization of up to 3 advanced oscillators, assignable to any one of 32 waveshapes, taken after by a…
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Oxygen 61

The Oxygen 61 mk5 from M-Audio is a USB MIDI controller with smart controls and auto-mapping. In today’s world of music production, controlling your advanced music environment is imperative. It’s not only how pros make breakthroughs in their workflow, but also how they make cutting-edge exclusive sounds. M-Audio has overhauled the most notorious series of MIDI keyboard controllers, improving…
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