UVX-3P takes motivation from a classic 6-voice Japanese synth presented in 1983. With a rather inadequate control board, this synth signalled an industry move towards less complicated preset players pointed at getting the celebrated Japanese analogue sound into the hands of semi-pros and specialists who regularly couldn’t bear or were threatened by the more costly ‘control dense’ models. Regularly neglected due to its more preservationist appearance this synth was in no way actually second rate. It advertised numerous of the same components as its more costly kin, a break-out software engineer, and indeed gloated double DCOs making it to some degree of a sleeper powerhouse.

With a darker and edgier sound than its ‘cosmic’ brethren, this synth was put to use by numerous well-known pop acts such as Stevie Nicks, Vince Clark and The Cure, and electronica pioneers such as Orbital and The Future Sound of London. To form UVX-3P, UVI began with a fully-serviced and reestablished unique machine, then let their sound designers free to thrust it to its limits. They captured a full extend of the synths sonic palette, everything from abrasive bass sounds to driving analogue leads and wealthy, otherworldly pads. Patches were examined dry and with the built-in analogue refrain enabled, giving you even more choices all with the true equipment sound. A 6,700+ sample, 160 preset libraries come about, giving you a gigantic run of uncommon sounds with that classic early-’80s Japanese analogue flavour.

The UI brags a vintage aesthetic with profound sound-shaping controls, giving you a wealthy, classic sound with cutting edge comfort. Effortlessly change and mechanize the amp, channel and effects to fine-tune your sound or begin from scratch with the crude waveforms and make something completely new. UVX-3P gives you the sought-after vintage analogue sounds of the premier ‘80s Japanese synth-maker in a phenomenal and easy-to-use software instrument.

Image: UVI