Vocal Bender

music production knowledge

Vocal Bender is a real-time voice manipulation plug-in from Waves audio. With this plug-in, you will be able to manipulate the voice from your tracks in real-time to get that popular sound from hip hop, R&B, pop and electronic genres. Archive this fabulous sound with zero latency and with a simple and user-friendly interface that has two simple pitch and format controls. Get instant results on your tracks to mix and perform with this hit sounding vocals plug-in.

With this plug-in, you will get fast and simple results that sound like those famous songs form Travis Scott, Billy Elish and Frank Ocean. Twist them vocals to get that modern sound you have always wanted to add to your tracks. This plug-in is made and designed for producers and musicians that are looking to get quick and simple results that can be processed over recorded voice and even over a realtime recording with zero latency. The plug-in can also be used on stage and live performances through your DAW’s session ready to manipulate on a concert for a subtle or heavy result.

Onboard this plug-in you will also find other features to enhance your music productions, some of these features include modulation effects, a vocal FX palette, a flatten feature that will give you robotic sounds. Select between genres, change the age to sound small or huge, with this plug-in you can get very creative or just add a simple and subtle vibrato or thickness to your tracks.

This is a real-time monophonic voice manipulation plug-in that works easy on vocal pitch-shifting and gives you format control with zero latency over recording. Use the LFO, SEQ, Amplitude and Pitch Modulators to find serious deep musical effects. Apply vibrato, sequence pitching, pitch drops and more.

Image: Waves