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Wobble is a great dubstep grime generator plug-in from Sonivox. It is a super-expressive instrument that revolves from spectral morphing synthesis. In each of its channels, it features independent harmonic controls, LFO controls, individual filtering, and tempo-sync. Thanks to the advanced pattern generator the plug-in can keep things moving. The great combination gives you the swirling and undulating grime that is the essence of Wobble. The plug-in delivers fast results and has a simple and user-friendly interface that will make your workflow continue without hesitation.


With the modulation madness that this plug-in has, you can rapidly escalate Wobble to become a sonic creation platform. In addition to pitch and velocity, the pattern generator can give you more precise measured control to handle crucial sound parameters. With portamento, you can select each step, harmonics and filter frequency for selected channels. You can define the LFO depth, sync and rate independently per step. Onboard this plug-in you will also find pro-grade chorus and reverb effects in addition to stereo delay, to sync to beat values within your current playing tempo combining all the elements together for some fantastic sounding results.

With Sonivox intelligent rhythm control you can keep your tempo tight and by combining the resolution and gate you can adjust the incoming MIDI note data to have your playing set in real-time accurately. With the extensive sound bank you can create, there is a great option to store and recall all your sound with an integrated patch browser that will make it easy to store sort and find what you are looking for. And the best is that Wobble comes with a lot of pre-programmed sounds. You can quickly trigger and modify them to build your custom sound collection. For this plug-in, it is required to previously instal iLok for windows users.

Image: Sonivox