Splice Sounds

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Splice sounds was founded not long ago with the objective to create a stable platform where they could host your DAW data and projects in a cloud-based program. The platform called Splice Studio was basically created for you to share your raw project and collaborate with other users or to permanently store it in order to have access from other computers. This became very helpful if you were a producer on the movie, producing in different studios or computers. Now the creators of Splice Studio have created Splice Sounds. It is a different approach to buying samples in a particular monthly fee scheme.

It is an online catalogue that spans over one million royalty-free samples, loops, effects and MIDI presets form great leading industry figures. This model is very interesting because we are normally accustomed to buying sample packs, which sometimes get unused and end up forgotten. Obviously, this could lead to more piracy of sample collections because of what they cost and the percentage of usage from each pack. So unlike other platforms, Splice has come up with a great solution like Spotify has, monthly standard charge for a limited amount of sample downloads. The idea here is to only search and download what you want and what you are going to use. For $7.99 USD a month you get 100 credits at sample costing 1 credit each.

Splice placed a limit of 100 samples a month only to stop some from downloading the whole library and quitting the month after. But really, we think that 100 samples a month are enough, making you select your downloads wisely so you don’t end up with thousands of MB on your HD and lots of cash spent ancestrally. There is also a$13.99 USD package to get 300 samples but this is the maximum. To download you will have to set up an account and download an app that is used for syncing and to be dragged directly to your DAW.

Image: Splice Sounds