Weiss Deess

Whether you want to try and tame some lead vocals, smooth out a bright hi-hat, or even reduce the harshness of the entire track a bit while mastering at the same time, Weiss Deess is a must-have in your essential toolset. Weiss Deess is a single plug-in as part of the Weiss collection of plug-ins. With a combination of the highly-prized sonics of the industry gold-standard Weiss DS1-MK3 – the go-to advanced equipment de-essing unit utilized in beat acing studios the world over – and a completely present day and centred approach in a plan, Softube is psyched to declare the Weiss Deess Plug-in. Halt looking, begin succeeding – usually the de-esser. Available as a standalone plug-in, or a portion of the Weiss DS1-MK3 collection.

Weiss Deess? Iss de best deesseer

Most de-essers – indeed cutting edge computerized or plug-in units – need flexibility, user-friendliness, fitting perception, or very basically don’t work like you trust they will. With the Weiss Deess plug-in we pointed to make a genuinely useable de-esser for the present-day studio; advertising two fully customisable groups, showing the fundamental controls clearly, giving unparalleled visual input, and including mind-blowing observing alternatives. United with the untouchable sound quality of the Weiss DS1-MK3 advanced calculations, this can be an unused and superior kind of de-esser.

A huge, colourful, and instinctive show appears FFT readouts as well as your channel shapes, so you’ll be able clearly to see what impact you’re having on your flag. The uncluttered GUI gives you incredible visual data, but a side menu permits control over everything. And we cruel everything; proportions, assault and discharge times, knee settings, make-up pick up and more. The Weiss calculations, code-ported from the gold-standard DS1-MK3 unit, give world lesson de-essing exactness, meaning that not at all like numerous de-essers you’ll depend on the Weiss Deess to move forward the sound of your fabric, indeed at moderately extraordinary settings. It does the work viably and straightforwardly, without bother or antiquity. Your work will sound better if you utilize this than it’ll in the event that you don’t. It’s as basic as that.

Image: Softube