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Auto-Tune Acess

Auto-Tune Acess by Antares Audio Technologies is a plug-in that gives you access to the essentials of auto-tuning. This version of the plug-in has the most essential features packed in the most proficient way. Auto-Tune Acess delivers core features from its big brother in a simple and user-friendly interface, and obviously at a more affordable…
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music production knowledge

Computer Accessories for Music Production

In this entry we’ll describe those computer accessories for music production that are essential in your journey. First you have to choose the right computer to set up your home or recording studio. Then, immediately afterwards, come the essential accessories for an optimal workflow experience. For the purposes of this entry, these are the keyboard,…
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Computers and Laptops

It might not seem as obvious, but computers and laptops are part of musicians’ production essentials. Nowadays, the first question on every musician’s mind when first starting out with music production is: “Which computer should I get?” However, there is no “one size fits all” answer. It all comes down to your budget, processing speed,…
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