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MGrandularMB by MeldaProduction is a versatile plug-in that works by processing your audio sources with granular “resynthesizer” technology. This plug-in can turn your lead sound into pads, and give you that extra punch you need for your drums, and much more than that. The plugin cuts your sound fabric into little pieces and makes an…
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Grain Delay

Grain delay is a process that samples incoming audio in very small pieces known as grains. In this process, each grain is released after a specific delay measured in sync to tempo or milliseconds. The user can control the grain size.  Grain Delay: a Bit of History The grain delay effect dates back to 1946,…
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Granular Synthesis

Granular synthesis is a type of audio synthesis that breaks a sound into small particles. After that, this process reorganizes the particles in order to create a new sound. In short, it is a sound manipulation technique that involves sound grouping, pitch control, and speed control.  A Little Bit of History: Granular Synthesis Around 1946,…
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