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Transgressor 2

Transgressor 2 by Boz Digital Labs is a hybrid transient designer plug-in that combines transient shaping with two superb 4 bands EQ’s. This plug-in gives you great power to control the EQ attack and sustain it in an individual manner. A genuine one of a kind, Transgressor goes past the limits of standard transitory originators.…
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Couture by Auburn Sounds is the ultimate transient control plug-in that also is a saturation machine. Both sections are made to work together in different scenarios like drum tracks to increase dynamics and then to top it off with a little distortion. Crude Effectiveness. Increment or diminish elements. Get a usable result in no time.…
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Transient Shaper

A transient shaper, also known as a transient designer or modulator, is a type of audio processor that is very similar to a compressor. In short, it is a level-independent dynamic processor. To understand this, one must learn about transients. A transient is a high amplitude and short-duration sound placed at the beginning of a…
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