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Statement Lead

The explanation comes with built-in Softube effects that grant you exact control over your sound. Shape your lead parts precisely how you need them with Drive, Reverb, Delay, and more. Construct up your possess interesting sounds with a blend of one or two of the 90 waveforms recorded from an assortment of uncommon, costly equipment…
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music production knowledge

Super 8 by Native Instruments

Bring the power and vintage synths to your track with this exclusive instrument by Native Instruments: the Super 8. If you’re looking to add some classic warm tones to your tracks or some greater vintage synths to your modern productions, this gives you the power and fun to make it happen. Long story short, travel…
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music production hardware

NTS-1 by Korg

The NTS-1 is the first do-it-yourself synthesizer created by Korg—do it your self as in DIY, as in you can actually assemble it and make it work. Isn’t that fun? The package includes everything that you need in—even the tools. As a result, it’s possible for you to assemble your own at home without the…
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