NTS-1 by Korg

music production hardware

The NTS-1 is the first do-it-yourself synthesizer created by Korg—do it your self as in DIY, as in you can actually assemble it and make it work. Isn’t that fun? The package includes everything that you need in—even the tools. As a result, it’s possible for you to assemble your own at home without the need of soldering. Moreover, it hosts a powerful synth and multi-effects engine. Both are also customizable, which makes your explorations and sound ventures even more interesting. This DIY device also features a digital oscillator inspired by the MULTI engine by the Prologue and Minilogue XD. Similarly, it has an arpeggiator with vast scales, ranges, and modes.

NTS-1: Features

By adding a multimode filter, three LFOs, and three stereo effect processors, the NTS-1 becomes powerful, versatile, and great fun to explore new sounds. Plus, it gives you vast control over tone and waveforms. Moreover, it’s compatible with a lot of content that comes from the Xd series. For example, you can easily customize its waveforms and adjust them with the knobs on the top panel. There is a wide selection of onboard filters that will give you control over the tone of the oscillator. Also, the arpeggiator comes with several patterns, which includes a random mode to create new and fresh ideas on the go.

The NTS-1 is ribbon controlled and you can play easily and intuitively. You can modify parameters in different combinations with its buttons and knobs. As you can see, it has a wide array of possibilities regardless of its size. In other words, it’s small and does pack all the power and fun. Additionally, you can set it up in several ways. It has MIDI IN connectors Audio In, Sync In, and Sync Out so you can easily do so, in harmony with other hardware and software. Lastly, this synth has the Izotope software with many tools that help you start with your music production adventures right away.

Image: Korg