OD-S by Korg

Music production hardware

Custom-build your own guitar or bass pedal with Korg‘s OD-S DIY. Now it’s possible to custom-build your own effects pedal with the OD-S Overdrive kit, and with no soldering required. It has a fully analog triode vacuum tube that will give a warm and harmonically rich sound response. This will definitely give you pleasure after building it by yourself! Creating your very own pedal may sound intriguing and difficult. However, the OD-s, with its solderless easy assembly kit, can help you shape overdrives that mimic the tone that can express your character. And, by the way, the kit is also customizable.

OD-S: Features

Korg and Noritake designed and developed the Nutube, a new and state of the art analog triode vacuum tube. This isn’t a conventional vacuum tube. Quite the contrary, this one is constructed with an anode, a grid, and a filament. As a result, it effectively generates the same performance and harmonics characteristics of normal vacuum tubes, but in a much more compact, stable, and efficient way. Additionally, the OD-S ha two gain knobs and you can adjust the input level to the vacuum tube gain. The anode leads to the tube amp section of the circuitry. Then, you can change it with the Tube Gain knob. Therefore, you can accurately adjust the great sound coming com the vacuum tube to your specific preference.

The OD-S also has switches for you to choose two separate override types with different high and low ranges paired with a bypass, something that is better for live performances. If you would like to further, adjust the tone. Moreover, you can change our components to create your own unique sound. Circuits and diagrams are available to download to help you easily set up and tweak your pedal so it performs the way you want it.

Image: Korg