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MCharacter by Melda Production could be a special device, that lets you straightforwardly control the sounds of any monophonic sound fabric. It can be utilized on vocals, bass, trumpet, and saxophone to title many conceivable outcomes. Most sound instruments have a particular character characterized by sounds and formants. Whereas formants are lovely much inactive in…
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music production knowledge


Grip by Boom Interactive is a creative and dynamic vehicle sounds generator plug-in that lets you create authentic automobile sounds. With Grip make super sounding skids, bumps, frictions and general car noises. The plug-in lets you create sounds with different configurations like wheels and grounds materials. Are you planning vehicle sounds for movement picture? Done…
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NTS-1 by Korg

The NTS-1 is the first do-it-yourself synthesizer created by Korg—do it your self as in DIY, as in you can actually assemble it and make it work. Isn’t that fun? The package includes everything that you need in—even the tools. As a result, it’s possible for you to assemble your own at home without the…
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