ASM Hydrasynth (Desktop/Rack)

music production Hardware

The ASM Hydrasynth is a Polytouch 24 pad polyphonic sound engine for both sound designers and performing musicians. It features the new ASM Polytouch pads which allow you to play the pads with standard velocity and aftertouch. However, there’s a little plus: the polyphonic aftertouch. This enables musicians to own better ways to express their art. As you might know, tone generators are normally the heart of synthesizers. In this case, the ASM Hydrasynth (Desktop) has three integrated oscillators. In turn, these have 219 cycle waveforms that you can configure via a wave list mode. To put it differently, they allow you to pick and choose several waves from the ban and morph them.

ASM Hydrasynth (Desktop/Rack): Features

In the ASM Hydrasynth, there are mutators that make it easy to modulate, bend, and give shape to the new and old way of sound. Both the first and second oscillators are routed this way. As a result, they make several processes like the Pulse Width. In particular, this one modulates pulse with any input. Similarly, there’s the PW Squeeze, with which you create smooth pulse sounds. Another example is the Harmonic Sweep, a tool which sweeps harmonics on any incoming sound. Moreover, there’s great flexibility in this synth due to its Mixer and Filter routing. Whit them you’ll be able to mix levels and pan input sources. Also, you’ll be able to balance and control the signal of each source to filters in series or parallel.

Since filters are the soul of synths, the ASM Hydrasynth there are 16 filter modes that’ll give you a lot of options to model and program your unique sound. Additionally, there are five LFOs to get really creative with and five DAHDSR Envelopes, which gives you pretty much an advance setup. For example, add Modulation Matric capabilities and Arpeggiator, Patches, and Effects and you end up with a serious music production workhorse. In short, the ASM Hydrasynth will definitely sparkle your creative side and augment your expression and workflow control.

Image: ASM