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Kali Audio has just announced the new release of the IN-5 nearfield coaxial active studio monitors, and they are not only just a scaled done version of the IN-8’s, they are much more than that. These monitors come directly from their Project Independence series and from the first approach glance they might look like they are a scaled-down version of the monitors that Kali Audio released last year, but the reality is that they are a version that has improvements in their drivers and in the electronics as well.

They are based on a three-way design that is equipped with a worthy 5-inch woofer, a 4-inch midrange driver and a 1-inch tweeter. Thanks to its coaxial design, it positions the tweeter in the centre of the mid-range speaker making them able to offer clearer sound and improved imaging. Even though the woofer is smaller than the IN-8’s, they still can pack the punch with a low-end frequency response that goes as low as 39Hz, which is not bad for a 5 inch.

To power up the drivers, you will find Class D tri-amped powerful system that will result in 160 watts in total. 80 watts will be dedicated completely to the woofer, 40 watts are dedicated to midrange drivers and tweeters. The interesting thing here is that the IN-5 is 20 watts more powerful than the larger big brother the IN-8. Thanks to internal electronics improvement they have managed to make a 12db reduction in self-noise and have a much more robust DSP that will give you greater tuning stability.

These studio monitors are innovative and impressive, the natural advantages of a 3-way design paired with the technology and quality build, make for a great option.

Image: Kali Audio