A1 Desktop Speakers

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Audioengine has just launched a set of mini Bluetooth desktop speakers that support aptX Bluetooth protocol giving you higher quality audio which is great for reducing cables and the overall cleanliness on your production desk. These mini home studio speakers are the little brothers of the award-winning A2+ speakers which sound absolutely fantastic, so we are looking at the same kind of design and technology in an ultra-compact way.

Each of the A1 speakers offers a 2.75-inch rigid kevlar like composite driver and tinny .75 inch silk dome tweeter that is powered by a 60-watt class di amplifier, only found on the left speaker, this is common practice with desktop speakers and powers both speakers. The frequency response consists of 65Hz to 22kHz making the A1 speakers not particularly bass happy but good enough for their size. These speakers also come with a variable LFE line output for you to add or connect an external subwoofer.

The Bluetooth protocol used in the A1 speakers is the closest you can get to CD-quality audio over the air. If you feel the need for better quality, there is always the option of plugging into the 3.5mm jack. These speakers support SBC, AAC and Aptx protocols. They are small, yes, but they pack a great punch and are smaller than six inches cubed, making them super portable and space-efficient. Obviously, they are not studio monitors but they will make the job useful as a reference for your mix.

These speakers can become very handy if you are a nomad producer and you are constantly setting up improvised studio work stations everywhere you go. They are only $200 USD a set, making them a good choice to equip your on the go gear.

Image: Audioengine