Ableton Live 11

music production knowledge

The wait has finally come to an end, the new and fresh Ableton Live 11 has just been launched with a couple of new features that might get you excited. Most of the new features that Ableton has added to their newest version have been based on community requests that they have been receiving for some time now. Hopefully, most of these features and tools related to production and liver performance usage have been tackled and enhanced for this version.

Some of the features that will enhance the production side of the platform are camping and linked-track editing, MPE compatibility which comes in very handy and the all-new Hybrid Reverb, which mergers algorithm rever and convolution. There are several updates that also have been made to the platform to make it even better, some of these updates or upgrades we should say, come in the form of Redux with its bit crushing abilities, Phaser Flanger and Chorus Ensemble.

Talking about liver performance updates, tempo following permits the platform to listen and to adjust the session tempo depending on what incoming audio is playing in real-time, fantastic right? Well, that’s not all, Max For Live has also received a good overhaul, if you don’t know it, this platform will let you program instruments and visuals, making it a great open-ended platform. Ableton Push has also got some good additions that convey visualisations for new devices, polyphonic aftertouch support for new external devices with key and scale sync.

The spectral resonator and the hybrid reverb are some serious and strong new additions to the sonic power of Ableton. With stronger and firmer Audio and MIDI compiling, it has become much more stable. Overall the evolution can be noticed and will keep increasing your productivity, creativity and enhance your workflow.