M-Audio AIR 192 | 4

music production knowledge

The M-Audio AIR 192 | 4 is a 2 in and 2 out to 24 USB audio interface that is perfect to make immaculate 24-bit/192kHz studio-quality recordings with a natural and easy-to-use sound interface. The Air 192|4 empowers you to record up to 2 channels at once with its devoted XLR+ 1/4 adjusted combo input. An all-new 1/4 instrument input contains a specially-designed pickup and impedance organize to supply the foremost precise representation of a guitar or bass plugged straightforwardly into the interface.

The interface comes total with a program bundle that has everything to urge you begun. With 2 capable DAWs to suit your generation needs, Discuss 192|4 incorporates Pro Tools | To begin with, M-Audio Version, and Ableton Live Lite. M-Audio too included a whole Effects Plugin, Virtual Instruments and Loop package to cater to all your generation needs. Whether you would like a guitar tone, reverb, or delay the interface has got your effects needs secured with Eleven Lite, 20 effect plugins and AIR’s Imaginative FX Collection. With the included Air Virtual Instrument plugins, you’ll have a virtual drum machine, synth, strings, percussion, organ and piano plugins to include world-class-sounding instruments to your tunes with ease.

M-Audios engineers outlined the Crystal Preamps to supply you with a straightforward, low-noise preamp that ensures the leading sound from your mouthpieces and captures your execution precisely the way you aiming. The Air 192|4 consolidates perfect A/D converters for 24-bit determination computerized sound with an explosive energetic extend that captures each subtlety and nuance of the execution. When recording, you need to centre on capturing that idealised minute and getting the finest execution out of your craftsman and ability. You don’t need to be impeded down by “clicks,” “pops” or inactivity. The Air 192|4 not as it highlighted a high-speed USB association for giving the most reduced circular trip latency (2.59ms*) between your machine and your equipment, but it moreover highlights screen blend control for tuning in straightforwardly to the source inputs, giving you with zero-latency innovation.

Image: M-Audio