M-Audio M-Track Eight

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The M-Audio M-Track Eight is a high-resolution USB audio interface that boosts 8 channels with a precise audio recording quality that goes up to 24-bit at 96 kHz. Include a proficient edge to your studio with the M-Track Eight from M-Audio. This eight-input USB 2.0 sound interface empowers you to track huge music gatherings, record the band, or mic a complete drum set with pro-grade sound components and a heap of associations. Eight combo XLR+1/4″ inputs oblige about any source, from phantom-powered receivers to your favourite guitar, and eight committed outputs offer flexible playback choices.

The XLR inputs are outlined to work with mouthpieces and other Lo-Z sources, and the ghost control switch empowers you to utilize condenser amplifiers by conveying 48v apparition control to the XLR inputs. M-Track Eight too has two helpfully found inputs on the front board that can be exchanged to permit instrument-level signals, so you’ll plug your electric guitar or bass straightforwardly into M-Track Eight and begin recording. Person gain knobs with meters offer assistance to guarantee the correct input level by giving real-time visual criticism.

The interface highlights perfect and exact sound recording with up to 24-bit/96 kHz determination. Each input channel is prepared with a high-headroom input that highlights M-Audio’s sought-after Octane Preamp Innovation. The result may be a strong signal way for clean, proficient sound. In expansion, each input comes with devoted line-input circuitry so you’ll be able to record and track along with your top choice outside preamps. M-Track Eight offers ultra-low inactivity checking of the input signal either through the speakers or through earphones. The USB/Analog Direct Adjust handle alters the adjust between the coordinate inputs and the playback from your computer program for exact checking amid following and recording sessions.

Adaptable output steering lets you send signals to detachable equip or analogue blenders or mixers for summing or handling. Also, two earphones outputs, found on the front board, have their possess level and selectable-source controls for making custom earphone mixes.

Image: M-Audio