Sennheiser MK 4

music production mic

The Sennheiser MK 4 is a professional grade cardioid condenser microphone that is made and designed for home studios and professional studios. It is known to produce a great warms sound thanks to it’s 1″ true condenser capsule. It has high sensitivity and musicians typically use this mic to record vocals and acoustic instruments, but it can also be a great piece of equipment to record overheads and other sounds sources.

The MK 4 features a super-fine resolution output and outstanding sound quality and is easy to set up and handle, making it a great choice for its price. If you are only starting up with your music recording studio or have already set up a pro studio the MK 4 is versatile enough for both scenarios and has a great value for money ratio. It is a German microphone that is optimized for recording and is designed and fabricated in the same facilities as other premium Sennheiser condenser microphones.

This mic comes with 24-carat gold plated diaphragm making it again a bang for the buck giving the quality and reference the mic can capture. The capsule in which the MK 4 is placed is shock-mounted making this mic have very little to no borne noise. It is also a recommended microphone to use on stage because of its reliability and robust structure and also whit is low production of own noise and paired with a high max SPL.

If you are on the market for a mic that can practically do it all, from recording vocals to drums all the way to guitars, the Sennheiser MK 4 is a great choice. Thanks to its design it can accurately reproduce a wide range of sounds. Apart from that its solid composition and fine design make it a perfect companion for your music production and recording ventures.

Image: Sennheiser