The Mini Rock DSP 2-Way Active Monitor

Unity Sound propelled their modern Mini-Rock 2 way, dynamic screen, at the 2018 NAMM appearance. As the title suggests, this unused version speaks to the littlest show within the company’s proficient dynamic screen run to date measuring 279mm tall, 184 mm wide, 256 mm profound, (10.98″ tall x 7.24″ wide x 10.07″ profound). This high-performance DSP 24bit/96k Burr Brown converter plan offers a tremendous DSP control for the client with exact 1/10th dB level control on the input channel and yield channels, quiet, stage, delay, and delay 8 groups of completely parametric EQ counting different channel sorts, limiter assurance.

Bounty of the production line and client presets are included such as full 3-way hybrid integration for the Unity Sound Avalanche sub-woofer. The natural GUI is Mac and PC congruous over fixed air-tight Neutrik Ethernet connector. The DSP has an extra yield channel displayed to the Mini-Rocks raise board on an adjusted XLR connector to bolster the Unity Audio Avalanche dynamic sub-woofer for the case, besides the adjusted XLR input connector. The DSP adaptation is precisely the same detail as the standard analogue Mini-Rock demonstrates in all other perspectives.

The cabinet is of course a fixed plan like all the models within the Solidarity Sound extend in arrange to precisely duplicate low frequencies with prevalent temporal reaction and without phase/timing irregularities related to other designs. The Mini-Rock is additionally the primary screen within the run with the special case of the Torrential slide sub-woofer that employments a part dual-chamber cabinet with an Aperiodic Vent. This conveys all the benefits of a fixed cabinet such as zero harbour commotion and tight quick precise bass generation. It moreover essentially increments the bass reaction accessible from a littler cabinet plan.

Image: Unity Audio