XL-Desk Analogue Mixing Console

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XL-Desk is planned for tracking or mixing engineers who require simple support inside a DAW centric studio, but do not need or require the coordinates DAW control and simple level mechanization other SSL console items have made the modern crossbreed studio standard. XL-Desk is in numerous ways a conventional 24 into 8 simple support but it packs in a mind-blowing collection of highlights. You will find 20 channel strips: 16 double input mono and 4 stereo channels.

The primary eight channels have VHD mic pre’s. There’s an 18 space 500 organize rack built in that can be utilized for handling or mic pre’s. XL-Desk ships with an amazing SSL Stereo Transport Compressor module in spaces 17 & 18 (difficult wired to Blend A). The rack has it possess committed tall spec’ control supply. There are four fundamental mixing Busses with buses B, C and D able to be summed into Mix A. The Busses and channels can get to the 500 racks and each has a partitioned embed point for preparing. You will also find two mono aux sends and two stereo return inputs. Coordinate outputs on each channel, stereo return and blend transport empower helpful stem printing. Each channel encompasses a Prompt Stereo Bus segment (with Skillet and Volume) utilized to supply one of the earphone mixes whereas following.

At mixdown the mono channel DAW return signals can be steered to the Signal ST transport and after that summed into Mix A, so there are 16 primary faders + 16 Signal ST inputs + 4 Stereo channels giving 40 summing inputs (utilizing the stereo returns and embed Whole capacities you’ll press in over 50 summing inputs). There’s too a fully-featured observing segment with bass administration (3 sets of speakers + subwoofer), Foldback A and B with person talkbacks for earphone blends and a built-in Tune in Mic input + classic compressor circuit, with its claim coordinate output.

Image: Solid State Logic