Composing Music for Film

Composing music for film is essential: it is everywhere and it adds a spark of joy to every environment. After the frame of a movie is ready, the director and the composer have a meeting. In it,they watch the movie frame by frame to determine the specific type of music it needs in each section. This process, which experts know as spotting the film, sets a direction for the composer. It allows this figure to organize and know, beforehand, the amount of work it will demand.

Composing Music for Film: the Whole Picture

In order to achieve a successful spotting process, every composer should analyze the whole spectrum and ask specific questions to the director. The questions asked are essential for making the process as efficient as possible. 

Firstly, one must ask why should there be music in the film? The answer is simple: experts should carefully select music because it can heighten emotions or be harmful to the film. Before selecting the specific type of music, the composer and the director watch each scene several times. Once the why is all set and done, it’s essential to place the right music in the right places. Music is crucial to enhance the emotional response of the audience and has a great impact on the overall film.

Entry and Exit Points

The entry and exit points of the music are vital due to the great impact on the overall perception of the audience over the movie. Specific effects have a great impact also. Each sequence has specific musical requirements, so it’s rather important to analyze each scene in order to make an adequate selection. The composer and the director should work together during the whole process.

Composing Music for Film: the Who

It’s essential to determine who will play the selected music. The director and the composer should consider that composing and transcribing for orchestras requires a lot of time and effort. They should also determine if the movie requieres specific musical instruments. This is an important aspect because, usually, directors need specific tones. And these they can achieve using specific instruments.


In sum, composing music for film is easier said than done. Overall, it requires a lot of time, effort and experience.