Category: Synthesis

Phase Distortion Synthesis

To understand phase distortion synthesis, we must first go back to its basics. Casio company created phase distortion, or PD. This company engineers launched the original idea for the CZ series of synthesizers, which involved a Cosmo Synth System. Isao Tomita later perfected the Cosmo Synth System. He was a Japanese synthesis-composer and one of…
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Sample-Based Synthesis

Sample-based synthesis is a type of audio synthesis that uses either hardware or software samplers. The process involves the use of instruments or sampled sounds as the basis for its sounds.  Sample-Bases Synthesis: the History Before digital sampling became popular, machines used analog tape decks to playback sampled sounds. Machines evolved and more powerful samplers appeared.…
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Envelopes: the Basics

This entry explains the principles of envelopes. To begin with, an envelope signal is a subsonic, aperiodic, unipolar, and timed signal used to modify the volume curve of an audio signal. To better understand envelopes, you should also know what a gate signal is. The gate signal is a two-state signal that is capable of…
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