FilterFreak: Pure Analog Magic

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Looking to find a plugin that has fat analog sweeps, or pounding filter rhythms, plus some particular hardware sound? The FilterFreak resonant analog filter by Soundtoys is the tool you need. Smooth and silky or grimy and resonant, the FilterFreak will add some serious character to your sound. On the one hand, it does it just like the classic Mutron did back in the day with its funky envelope sound. On the other, it resembles the Sherman Filterbank with its LFO sweeps. In brief, FilterFreak can deliver you those warm, resonant, and fat tones you are looking for to enhance your music productions.

Pure Analog Magic

The FilterFreak is pure analog magic compressed into a convenient digital plugin. Soundtoys carefully recreated analog resonant filters that give that particular sound. Therefore, FilterFreak creates filter effects that are full of character. Moreover, they resemble what you have always dreamed of. For example, give a twist to the frequency knob to find smooth and retro synth sweeps. Crank up the resonance to push filters into self-oscillation pushing it to the edge! When pushed to the limit, the FilterFreak becomes gritty and powerful, just like retro hardware.

Saturation Styles

The FilterFreak includes seven analog saturation styles. They range from crunchy distortion to pumping compression and warm style. As a part of this filter, you will find rhythm and groove tools to add motion to your sound and track automatically. Create wah wah effects by flipping the MIDI switch and sync with your favorite DAW.

Accordingly, onboard the FilterFreak you will have a selection of pre-made rhythms to design pattern with the rhythm editor. In addition, with the groove knob you can add some swing or shuffle into the mix. Trigger the envelope and ADSR filters with incoming audio. And, finally, for more power use both FilterFreak units in series or parallel for some deep modulation options.

Image: Soundtoys