MIXROOM, the Intelligent EQ Plugin

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MIXROOM by Mastering the Mix is a super handy and intelligent EQ plugin that will guide you in your search for the perfect sonic balance. It helps you find the best ingredients to work on vocals and synths, or to master your music. If you are looking for clarity and richness in your sound, MIXROOM has got you covered with its analysing capabilities. The plugin analyzes your sound and gives you first-hand reference to the frequencies that could be adjusted. With MIXROOM’s EQ target suggestion you can have a solid start point from where to begin tweaking your sound for the best mix possible.

MIXROOM: the Process

MIXROOM is pretty straight forward and easy to use. Four steps in mix heaven compose it. The first step is to lead your audio on Master. (Or, if you want to, you can do it on an individual channel.)

The second, you choose a preset. Alternatively in this second step, you can create a target point. This will help you to get the most juice from this plugin, since you’re choosing the preset that best adapts to your material.

The third step is to shape your sound. With MIXROOM’s target EQ, this plugin will take you out of doubt and help you to deliver pro sound in a matter of seconds. In this third step, you can add smart bands to the loaded EQ band. This will let you to match your EQ curve for a great starting point.

The next and last step consists of leveling your match. In this part, the plugin will allow you to hear how the changes have impacted your sound.

The Result

All that has been described will help you to improve your overall sound. MIXROOM will elevate your mix whether your audio is thin, dull, muddy, or harsh. Even if it is almost perfect, it will give you a reference to find a balance of clarity and richness. It is that intelligent.

Image: Mastering The Mix