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This wonderful recreation from Soundtoys brings to us some really nice and smooth low ends and spacious highs with a mix of great tones as well, we are talking about the Sie-Q which is a boutique EQ as they call it. This plug-in is inspired by the original Simens W295b German EQ which is over half a century old today. This recreation can give you a whole new world of colour tone to your EQ palette whit some serious smooth curves in a flexible and easy to use plug-in interface.

With the Sie-Q you can get the tone you want in a simple and fast way without the hassle of traditional hardware. As know from Soundtoys, they did not only emulate the wonders behind the W295b, but they also went the extra mile to carefully model the final touches to achieve the saturation character of this model to get the real sensation sound and vibe from the original hardware. The amazing work on this plugin is the highs, it adds a sensation of air and space that feels and fits perfectly on any track, and it brings vibrance and life into vocals. Applied to acoustic instruments, it creates a sheen of silky good sound, and if your tracks sound a little too digital, pass them through the Sie-Q in combination with the Decapitator to get success.

The core of the original hardware is also translated into digital form with the Sie-Q, and we mean that all the brain design that was carefully implemented in the original hardware is also implemented into the plug-in version by Soundtoys. Using the Sie-Q is like having a reunion with old friends, it brings back-friendly moments and colours that remanence the Motown era in a simple yet powerful interface.

Image: Soundtoys