Soundtoys’ Sie-Q: EQ Renovated

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Sie-Q by Soundtoys is a renovated EQ. As you might know, equalization—or EQ—is one of the best-known forms of audio processing in music production. In short, with EQ you can adjust the volume level of a frequency (or range of frequencies) within a sound, which in turn allows you to cure a sound of its imperfections. Given this, today we offer a summary of Sie-Q: a boutique EQ from Soundtoys, an EQ renovated! In the following lines you will find its main characteristics and the reasons behind the fashionable and functional build of this reinvention.

Sie-Q, a Reinvention From the Past

The original Siemens W295b German EQ inspired this wonderful EQ recreation. This classic module is over half a century old today! Honoring it, Soundtoys renovated the EQ game. They went the extra mile to carefully model Sie-Q’s finishing touches to achieve the saturation character of this model. This allows you to get the real sensation sound and vibe from the original hardware that inspired it. And, most importantly, with the Sie-Q you can get the tone you want in a simple and fast way without the hassle of traditional hardware.

A Whole New World of Color Tone

The Sie-Q can give you a whole new world of color tone to your EQ palette, with some serious smooth curves in a flexible and easy to use plugin interface. It brings some really nice and smooth low ends, as well as spacious highs with a mix of great tones. The amazing work on this plugin is its highs. It adds a sensation of air and space, which feels and fits perfectly on any track. It brings vibrance and life into vocals masterfully. When applied to acoustic instruments, it creates a sheen of silky good sound.

The core of the original hardware is also translated into digital form with the Sie-Q. As you can see, all the brain design that was carefully implemented in the original hardware is also implemented into the plugin version by Soundtoys. Using the Sie-Q is like having a reunion with old friends: it brings back friendly moments and colors that remanence the Motown era in a simple, yet powerful, interface.

Image: Soundtoys