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Mesanovic has released their first set of studio monitors and we think they are pretty interesting. The RTM10 are Masanovic’s approach to pro-grade studio monitors and they look fantastic. They are 3-way active DSP studio monitors that feature a frequency response that ranges from 28Hz to 20kHz. These monitors have low distortion, a great dynamic range and ultra-fast transient response, paired with some series and impressive stereo imaging. These particular monitor speakers house a pure aluminium ribbon tweeter, mid-drive and subwoofer powered by Hypex NCore amps with DSP, providing a sound quality that is absolutely stunning for their size.

One of the main features onboard the RTM10 has to be the Ribbon tweeter, this element has been perfectly crafted by Masannovic using suspended 4-micron thick aluminium in a powerful magnetic field, the same toroidal cores that are found in their microphone transformers. Thanks to the assembly of this particular element, these monitors have particularly low distortion, making them perfect for natural sound and non-fatiguing sessions. Another great feature in the RTM10 has to be the powerful DSP and Class D amps, offering ultimate clarity and resolution. Thanks to DSP tuning they create a flat frequency response and perfect phase, and three subwoofer level selectors to adjust and control the low ends, depending on your listening environment.

These great monitor speakers are measured and calibrated using Mesanovic anechoic chamber, this ensures that they are strictly calibrated regarding frequency response phase and distortion requirements. This all in one system is perfect for mixing and mastering, and yes obviously for listening. It also eliminates the necessity for added subwoofers that take up more space in the studio. They are world-class studios that are ready to be set up in any kind of enviarometn, giving you accurate, reliable and wonderful results.

Image: Masenovic