Intellijel Rubicon

The Rubicon, from Canadian Eurorack wizards Intellijel, is an analogue triangle centre VCO, competent of thru-zero recurrence balance. Initially made by Dave Dixon, it is properly considered an analogue VCO plan masterpiece. Now advertised as an authoritatively authorized development for Softube Measured, the Rubicon is perfect for testing with FM union – broadly talking, the tweak of one capable of being heard waveform with another – and can make exceptionally complex and point by point sounds, both consonant and inharmonic.

Initially outlined and made by Dave Dixon at Intellijel, the Rubicon has gotten to be a genuine insignia or charm for the Canadian synth pioneers. They depict it on their site as ‘our lead analogue oscillator’, and it’s not difficult to see why. Spitting out complex and dynamic sounds at all points, it welcomes pleased interaction from its client. Distant from a fundamental, utilitarian beginning point, the waveforms advertised by Rubicon cry out to end up the heart and soul of your fix, such is the profundity of plausibility in this module alone.

Softube has imitated each simple component of this module meticulously for total precision right down to its triangle centre, as a result of the epic sonic design of Secluded, each vestige of life and detail is spoken to in this computer program version. It becomes even more effective when combined with other Intellijel modules (just like the Korgasmatron II, or the µFold II), or with our Softube brand impacts modules. That’s when the advantage of our super-high-fidelity sound motor truly comes into play; when complex intelligence between complex modules takes put.

Image: Softube