Intellijel Korgasmatron II

Taking motivation from a classic Japanese synth, Intellijel Korgasmatron II is a double voltage-controlled channel that can moreover be utilized as a restricted oscillator. Any sound passed through it comes out wealthier, more nuanced, more feisty and colourful, to a great extent due to the mutilation characteristics of the thunderous drive controls on each channel, and the truth that you simply can tweak and mix between two striking channels on settings as broadly dissimilar as you like. Fire it up in Softube Measured and begin creating enchantment, from classic MS-20 sort sounds to completely modern domain.

Whereas Korgasmatron II takes its title from a classic Japanese synth discharged within the early ’80s, it’s distant from a clone. Korgasmatron II offers much more coarseness and flexibility than its predecessor. It incorporates an uncommon overdrive include that empowers the output signal to be delicate or hard clipped depending on how difficult you drive the input signal. This can be controlled through the input amp which begins clipping after you put the handle past 12 o’clock expecting a standard 10 Vpp waveform. The hard/soft clipping contrasts are unpretentious on basic waveforms sources and emotional on more complex sources.

Korgasmatron II moreover has two totally autonomous six mode channel yields; one on each side. The sorts are chosen by means of a revolving switch. Combining these two channels and CV controlling their characteristics can provide rise to near-endless balance conceivable outcomes, and due to the responsive nature of the sifting prepare, the movement is exceptionally subordinate to the input material. Try it in Modular FX on drums, guitars, vocals, brass or anything you like.

Image: Softube