Le Masque: Delay

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Le Masque: Delay by XILS Lab is a timeline driven revolutionary delay effect that can be used to process uniquely special effects. To achieve this errand, Le Masque: Delay acquires the eminent XILS-lab channels and all the encounter amassed from the making of Virtual Analog synthesizers and sound effects. But Le Masque: Delay can moreover perform like a standard Delay. Le Masque: Delay lets you indicate in an awfully exact way which portion or parts of the dry signal will be prepared by the Delay unit and its components and modulators. The Veiled zones of the lattice are handled by the Delay Unit, whereas all the sound information exterior of the Covers stay unchanged. The Network is synced to your Daw, or to its internal clock. Here are a couple of cases of how One of a kind and Melodic.

Extricating and adjusting a particular portion of a Drum circle ( or any other circle ) You can apply delay on the catches as it were or to one specific catch hit within the groove, at that point tweak it in genuine time by means of the mod wheel and/or any other auto-modifiers like a loopable envelope or LFO. You can extricate the HH and alter their groove, alter the bass drum as it were groove, turn deferred bass drums into Simmons Toms whereas completely preserving the quality of the first sound, including a delay to particular parts of the groove, and indeed construct on the fly amazing breaks, rolls or fills. All this in genuine time. In a quick, natural, inventive way. Le Masque: Delay is the ideal instrument to restore and include imaginative control over all your existing loop arms stockpile, or live recordings.

After you have got picked up a few encounters with Le Masque: Delay, you’ll before long make it your claim and create your claim way to utilize it as an inventive and rousing tool. Le Masque: Delay is a polymorphic unit, it contains an exceptionally exploratory side. When the current transport locator enters a cover, the audio is sent, through a full balanced channel, into an exact and fat delay. Within the delay area, there are 5 Double Concentric Handles and the Tweak Wheel 4 of these handles control the Delay Settings, and one Double Concentric Handle to alter the Dry/Wet volume and Worldwide Yield Pick up.

Image: XILS Lab