Neutron 3 Standard

music production knowledge

The Neutron 3 Standard from iZotope is a complete channel strip that comes from the makers of the famous Ozone and RX. This version will bring your mixes to present times with some impressive assistive audio technology that is paired with outstanding visuals that work as reference companions. There is more to Neutron 3 Standard, with its new track enhances you can let the plug-in seamlessly detect and mould your sounds and instruments with features and tools that will sculpt your sound in a fascinating way.

For sweetening, settling, and even creative applications, Sculptor is like having an armed force of EQs and compressors working energetically to shape your track. Select from 25 special instrument profiles to shape your instrument into a completely unused form of itself. Resizeable, excellent, and essentially quicker. Jump into investigation tools that improve your mixing encounter and get results with plug-in controls made for people, not machines. With a helpful one-window display and smoother metering, Concealing Meter is presently even superior at making a difference you discover and settle competing components of your blend to form space for your instruments. Utilize the included Visual Mixer plug-in to alter the pickup, pan, and width of any Neutron or Hand-off in your session.

Sessions with Neutron 3 stack up to 3X quicker than Neutron 2, so you can transform your mix with premium handling anyplace and everywhere. Sessions with Neutron 3 utilize up to half the memory of Neutron 2. Disregard messing with settings and bouncing in expansive sessions. Neutron 3 sessions utilize up to a third of the CPU of Neutron 2 at the least buffer sizes. The modules that are included are Sculptor, Transient Shaper, Exciter, Gate, Compressor and Equalizer. The accepted plug-in formats are AU, AAX, AAX-AS, RTAS, VST2 and VST3.

Image: iZotope