Hammer 88 Pro

music production knowledte

The Hammer 88 Pro by M-Audio is an 88-key graded hammer action controller that boosts USB MIDI connectivity and has smart controls and auto-mapping capabilities. This keyboard is a full-sized, 88-key, USB fueled MIDI keyboard controller with evaluated hammer activity that opens up a wide world of creativity and music production capabilities for you, the new Hammer 88 Professional is prepared to be the extreme studio and live execution apparatus. Include the Hammer 88 Pro’s natural piano feel to your musical toolbox and bring your music creations to another level!

Much appreciated to the OLED screen that sits front and centre, it’s simpler than ever to look for and test sounds, outline controls, and blend & alter your sessions. Hammer 88 Master can control any DAW and consequently outline commonly utilized functions such as Transport, Faders, Pan controls and much more! Whether you employ Professional Devices, select the outline and Auto-Mapping will watch out for the rest. Hammer 88 Pro highlights M-Audio’s brand-new Savvy Chord and Keen Scale innovation. These capacities open up your creative energy and offer assistance mix your equipment consistently along with your thoughts over all the 88 keys. Making music on your computer has never been this instinctive and motivating thanks to these workflow-centric features. With Keen Chord activated, squeezing a single key or pad will play a full chord instead of a fair one note. The key or pad you press will decide the root note within the chord. The rest of the chord’s properties (major, minor, etc) are decided by the settings you select.

Keen Chord moreover incorporates a Custom Mode that lets you decide the chord structure that will be allowed to each key by physically playing it. For illustration, in case you select Custom Mode and play a 1-b3-5-b7 chord, each key will at that point be doled out to play this chord structure.

Image: M-Audio