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X is a dynamic imager plug-in created with the idea to emit the best sound with only two channels. Developed by Type Writer Audio, this great plug-in can become your secret weapon for simple imaging. The technology used in this plug-in is something else. The combination of Haas and Doppler effects integrates photoacoustic effects into this software interface. Thanks to the functionalities of the X platform you will know have the ability to place your sound where you want it.

X. Just X

The X plug-in includes up to 95 presets that can give you over 800k combinations. With this plug-in you will revolutionize the way you create sounds. The plug-in has three main functions. The first one is the engine. The engine of the X plug-in is very complete as it includes a thorough preset manager. In addition, it contains sidechain features, dynamic size control, as well as attack and release handles and the XMODE. Its threshold slider controls the envelope, and the auto gain handle controls the volume of the effect.

The second function on this plug-in has to be the Hyperdrive. The hyperdrive’s design lets it deploy effected delays. Additionally, it hosts low and high pass filters. The famous doppler effect and space-time allows you to control the delay time and space and hyperspeed the speed of the LFO. With space controls, you can size the effects on Haas and with jump you can take control of the pan in Hyperdrive.

With Warpdifve can be seen as a sort of reverb that helps glue everything else in the plug-in. There are Bandpass filters onboard as well as a pre-delay to add to your mix. Teleport and the Damper controls will give you the ability to mix the reverb behind the imaged signal.

Image: Type Writer Audio