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Voxessor by United Plugins is an intelligent vocal processing plug-in that will help you ern you are producing movies, videos, podcast, commercials, or even ebooks. It is mainly aimed to enhance and cultivate recorded speech covering all processes that are needed to treat voice for several industries with superb results with an impressive speed. With this plug-in, you will be sure that the voice in your productions will kut like a knife through butter and will be recognized immediately. Get strong and well-balanced results with Voxessor voiceover solutions.

We believe that the most powerful feature onboard this plug-in has to be the EQ, which will let you properly set the balance for determined voice characters. With the EQ included in Voxessor you can skip the process of setting up ideal frequencies and tweak to get it right, simply chose from the EQ settings and you will get incredible results instantly. Another great feature has to be intelligent matching, this feature will analyze the voice and will detect voice character to adapt the EQ to the most ideal voice application possible.

Other great features in this plugin are the automatic volume feature which will automatically fic volume imperfections. Smart dynamics has two knobs, one to control the compressor and another to control gate, tweaking them may get you unexpected results. An onboard de-esser will let you chose the correct frequency and preserve your original tracks. The audio quality will maintain its maximum performance at any sample rate making 64.bit audio processing at a rate of 192kHz or even more.

To keep clicks and unwanted noises, use the smart bypass feature as well as intelligent sleep on silence mode that will make sure to save you loads of CPU when there ir no sound detected making space for processing other things.

Image: United Plugins