Super-7 by UVI


Super-7 conveys the brazen sound of the ’80s motivated by the MKS-7, an 8-voice rackmount synthesizer that combines the analogue design of the celebrated 106 with PCM sounds from the 7o7 drum machine. In request, frequently imitated, and a well-cherished instrument to this day, the 106 has been utilized broadly by differing artists extending from pop legends Depeche Mode to the genre-defying Autechre. The sound is effective and energetic, competent in making wealthy and charactered voices inside present-day preparations or carrying whole tracks with its unmistakable, warm analogue vibe.

Building on the concept and structure of our Program 24 library, Super-7 takes things a step to encourage, pushing profound into the domains of synthwave, unused wave, electro, house, ’80s synthpop and more. We multi-sampled a colossal choice of patches custom-designed on the MKS-7, and recorded each test 3 times, regularly, with the refrain locked in, and with the clamour switch dynamic, giving you exceptional get to to the equipment sound. While the MK-7 has the golden PCM sound that the past 707, UVI took things a little deeper by including classic era drums from the hardware from the 707, 808 and 909 included with a bach of modern sounds to top it off.

Giving you everything you wish to form wealthy analogue synth lines, bass, drums, arps and expressions, all the way up to whole melodies, Super-7 is an inspiring, versatile and greatly fun instrument. Stacked with 6 discrete layers, you’ve got free control over 8-tracks of drums, bass, song, and 3 common reason synth parts. Utilize these in any way you like, from routine instrumented to imaginative layering and effects. Separated from the drums, each of the instrument layers in Super-7 has its claim amp envelope, a multimode channel with envelope, effects counting drive, phasor, and EQ, send effects counting reverb and delay, and a complex arpeggiator/phraser, permitting the creation of interesting and moving arrangements. You’ll be able to change and alter these modules totally, investigate a wide choice of presets for both the sound motor and arpeggiator, or make your own.

Image: UVI