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How to Choose Your First Mic

Once you have put together your homes studio or recording studio with all the essentials like, your audio interface, a pair of studio monitors or headphones and your selected DAW what comes next? Unless your production journey will only take you through sample packs and VST synths there is one thing you’ll be missing to…
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music production knowledge

How to Evaluate Your Bare Studio Room

Acoustic treatment really does work, but it is essential to evaluate the space or room in which you will be treating. Lots of folks when they start out by planing on setting up a recording studio or production-based homes studio they immediately think that they will need professional acoustic treatment even before evaluating, testing and…
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Mac Desktops

Music Production Essentials Mac desktops for music production, Mac Pro, iMac, iMac Pro and the Mac Mini. For studio recording, there’s probably nothing better than de Mac Pro. Have a look into any pro studio and the odds are you’ll find one there. This is because its the only model that’s made to be easily…
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