M1 Active 330 USB by Alesis

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If you want to have total confidence over what you’e listening to, mixing, or creating, the M1 Active 330 USB studio monitors, by Alesis, are an excellent way to go. They’re professional grade USB audio speakers and they’ll upgrade your desktop experience. The accuracy they reproduce is astonishing. Particularly, they utilize a newly developed thee-inch aluminium woofer that provides a better linear response over other materials like carbon fiber. In short, their design is precise and they offer high-frequency dispersion on a predictable pattern.

M1 Active 330 USB: Features

The sweet spot on these pro studio monitors will still be present even if you’re off-axis of the speaker, preventing a random bouncing of sound. The M1 Active 330 USB monitor speakers have their bass port holes on the back panel. As a result, this eliminates unnecessary and unwanted turbulence from the speaker’s woofer bass output. If you’re looking for a set of monitors that are accurate, these definitely are. Specifically, they offer a wide frequency response that spans from 55-22 kHz at +3bB so you can enjoy real and clear sound. Plus, they have an integrated 16-bit USB audio interface for easy recording.

The M1 Active 330 USB feature a 10W per channel output power, giving 20W in total for some serious smooth performance. In the back panel, you’ll find a Balanced XLR combo input that will let you connect practically all kind of studio equipment. Given their size, you may even take them along with you if you’re a nomad producer. They take little real estate space from any music production studio desk. Also incorporated there’s a one-inch silk dome tweeter that provides clarity. So, if you’re looking for quality and assurance, these monitor speakers are definitely a good choice.

Image: Alesis