Moog One

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The Moog One is the extreme Moog synthesizer – a tri-timbral, polyphonic, analogue dream-synth outlined to motivate creative energy, fortify imagination, and open entries to endless unused domains of sonic potential. The primary polyphonic analogue synthesizer sold beneath the Moog brand in more than three decades, Moog One is the perfection of a long time of inquire about and has been created to surpass the central desires of a polyphonic Moog instrument. Accessible in 8-voice and 16-voice setups, Moog One’s polyphonic sound motor is built on the foremost effective synthesizer design ever utilized by a Moog instrument. Per voice, Moog One offers 3 newly-designed analogue VCOs, 2 autonomous analogue channels, a double source analogue commotion generator, an analogue mixer with outside sound input, 4 LFOs, and 3 envelopes.

To provide an interminably motivating execution involvement, each of the three timbres can be effectively part or layered over Moog One’s expressive 61-note console, each with its possess sequencer, arpeggiator, and onboard impacts library–including a suite of proficient reverbs from Eventide. Secured in a hand-finished Ash cabinet and aluminium walled in area, Moog One’s front board is prepared with 73 handles and 144 buttons, welcoming physical association with each sound forming and execution control. Expanded usefulness is effectively gotten to through a per-module “More” button that brings extra parameters into the centre utilizing the Moog One center-panel LCD to guarantee the foremost straightforward and convenient sound creation encounter conceivable.

Moog One is an uncommon conduit for the expression of your own imaginative voice. Sculpt, shape, and change your claim sound with boundless possibilities. The Moog One is actually a joy to program and to play but it doesn’t come cheap. Even with its price tag, it might be one of the best analogue polysynths out there.

Image: Moog