Origin Analogue In-Line Mixing Console

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As the most recent in a long legacy of SSL studio mixing consoles, Origin has a conventional analogue studio workflow at its heart while giving the ideal accomplice for a present-day DAW-driven ‘hybrid’ generation studio. Its classic plan looks back to the root of in-line comforts for signal stream inspiration, joining cutting-edge simple improvements to provide a special sonic signature that’s still unmistakably SSL.

Origin is more than fair the perfection of four decades of specialized advancement. Since of our profound information of workflow and studio integration, we moreover get it that support needs to give the instantaneousness and well-executed ergonomics that will motivate and lock in a present-day studio environment. Solid State believes Origin does this and more; driving the way with a new see at how simple support compliments the most recent advanced apparatuses and generation procedures.

The incredible SSL consoles of the 70s and 80s made a difference in characterizing studio production. The beginning takes these standards and combines them with a cutting edge feature-set that bridges the hole between advanced generation and simple support workflow. An absolutely simple inline plan, with 16 buses, E-Series EQ and classic Transport Compressor, Beginning breathes modern life into a plan classic over the total support. The modern PureDrive mic pre acquires the clarity and immaculateness of past SSL Mic Pre plans, exchanging character to a warm, harmonically-rich and driven tone that shifts with mic pre pick up.

The new mix transport and blend amp design convey an amazingly low clamour floor together with tremendous headroom. The result may be a blend transport that holds the classic SSL sound while bringing the breadth and space to blends that engineers and makers cherish from simple summing. Adjusted embed focuses per channel way (both expansive and little fader), committed channel coordinate outputs, stem-ready 0dB fader bypass switches, furthermore a modern configurable middle segment, make Beginning a perfect way of including support workflow to an advanced production studio.

Image: Solid State Logic