Essential Computer Accessories for Music Production

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Once you have finally chosen the right computer to set up your home studio or recording studio next comes the essential accessories or the must-haves we recommend for an optimal workflow experience. The accessories that will be covered in this article will be the keyboard, mouse and monitor. First, we will start with the basics that a computer keyboard must-have for a balanced music production workflow on your computer.

Ideally, the keyboard should or must include these features: A wireless connection, this is an essential aspect first of all because it means fewer cables, giving you clear space on your working desk and also to enable you to access your transport controls anywhere in the room. Secondly, it should have a number pad, because number pads have plenty of user shortcuts on most DAW’s these days. An extra item for your keyboard could be a DAW shortcut marker, there are tons of shortcut markers available for different software out there but there are also available for DAW’s making your workflow much faster.

Second in the list is the Mouse, whit a good mouse you will get wireless connectivity helping you again with fewer cables on your desk. There are several mouse models that have programmable buttons than could give you access to your most frequent DAW shortcuts. Try to find a mouse that is ergonomic and comfortable to the size of your hand. Remember that you will be spending lots of hours using it at once and regularly small mice can make your hand numb after a while.

Last but not least comes the Monitor. You might be asking yourself the questions, does it really make a difference? The answer is yes. At first, it will seem that it doesn’t really, but after a while, you will start to notice a couple of things, size, small monitors will not be able to view all your tracks at one. Monitors with a slow refresh rate might no be displaying your level meters in real-time, it would feel like it’s out of sync. But be careful, If you think that a TV with could set all these odd apart think twice, they often look pixelated when viewing it at a short distance.

Image: Audio Gearz