Generate More Income As a Producer

music production knowledge

If you are a producer and your skillset is sampling and general music production, this article is for you. So you want to generate some extra cash, this might be interesting to you. It really doesn’t matter if you are specialized on a specific musical genre or style, there is always someone looking for some sample music a beats for a video, a customs 30-second instrumental you name it, there are vast possibilities that can earn you some extra money if you are a producer. So, up next are a couple of sites where you can make some extra money derived from your music production skills.

An interesting platform for you to discover is Fiver. Fiverr is a popular site among creatives where you can offer your services as a producer. We would suggest starting offering small and less expensive services at first so you get the feel of it, and if it works for you, go ahead and shoot the prices up and look for bigger projects. Bodega Sync is another interesting platform. They offer tracks to get featured on TV and film. They are expertise in the mater of music supervising and advertising agencies. The great thing about them is that they negotiate and seal the deals for you, making sure you everything is done properly. TrackLib, is the worlds first legal platform for sampling and licensing of original music. with them you could earn from royalties of the creatives using your material, not bad right? Splice Sounds is another platform where you can earn some extra cash, they have a great service that allows you to sell your sample pack, midi files and presets.

Last but not least, try YouTube. It is a different monetizing scheme but if you can cope with regularly uploading content to your channel and once you reach 1k subscribers and plus 4k watch hours you are ready to start monetizing.

Image: M Johnson