Crate Cuts by Native Instruments

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Crate Cuts, an expansion by Native Instruments, comes with loops and samples that work on any DAW. However, that’s not it. There’s s also additional content created for MASCHINE, but it requires the latest version of the software.

Just an FYI

The expansions that Native Instruments offers are all genre-specific. This means that you’ll get a range of software instruments, drum kits, synths, patterns, and loops for a particular music era and sound. You can load all of their packs to your favorite DAW. As a result, this is an interesting addition for any production studio that doesn’t necessarily work with a specific DAW. Another example is the expansion Soul Magic.

Crate Cuts: Features

Crate Cuts has got an incredible array of sounds from soul, jazz, funk, and downtempo hip hop beats. All these amazing sounds come from iconic beatmakers like Madlib, MF Doom, and J Dilla. You can find all these treasured sounds in this master pack. Moreover, you’ll find royalty-free recordings and tape takes sampled using famous gear and chopped into original kits along with percussion, synths, and bass.

This expansion pack includes 526 loops, 367 drum samples, and 303 one-shots. For example, in the drum kits section, you’ll find specific 50 BATTERY kits and 45 MASCHINE kits, plus 20 MASSIVE synth presents and 12 for MONARK. If you have a MASCHINE, you’ll get an extra exclusive of more than 140 patterns, 15 sampled instruments, and eight projects. To be specific, in the drum section you’ll find 83 hi-hats, 57 snares, 88 percussions, 53 kicks, 37 claps, 36 cymbals, and 13 shakers.

All of this will take up 2.1 GB free space from your hard disk. The system requirements for hardware are MASCHINE+, MASCHINE, MASCHINE MIKRO, and Studio. You can also use a control series keyboard. These loops and samples work on any DAW and you’ll need the latest version of the MASCHINE software.

Image: Native Instruments