Band-in-a-Box, also known as BIAB, is a professional DAW as well as a powerful complement and composition tool. BIAB is suitable for both beginners and professionals as It aids in the entire music production process. This software helps create realistic backing tracks taken from pre-recorded audio with MIDI-like control. This DAW is user-friendly and works almost automatically. 

The latest edition features a wide collection of new tools, including an improved time and pitch manipulation, an easy-to-use browser, as well as RealTracks Thickening. BIAB is a powerful composition tool that is capable of adding a wide range of music genres to existing track arrangements. Users are able to add an extra boost to their existing music material. The new version of this DAW offers users access to new textures which can be paired with their latest musical content. The library offers a wide collection of high-quality tunes, allowing users to have endless options to choose from. 

The 2020 Band-in-a-Box version is amazing and has major enhancements. It features several improvements to previous editions and new extremely helpful tools. The RealTracks feature allows users to incorporate smoother sounds to their mixes. The Thickening control transforms ordinary sounds into chunky guitar tones. The Find-a-Sub feature makes it easier to search content by suggesting RealTracks with a similar tempo, feel, and genre. The new Artist Browser delivers helpful info and useful bios from selected artists. The new BIAB edition features RealTracks played by renown musicians, RealStyles for extra sonic variations, additions to RealBand, RealDrums Transcriptions to help the user see exactly what’s being played, Equalized Tempo that helps transform a recorded song into a fixed tempo, and much more. 

BIAB is a great alternative when it comes to choosing an appropriate DAW. This complete DAW is considered one of the best music production software, it is easy to download and activate but it is a fairly complex platform for beginners. It’s worth mentioning that the 2020 Band-in-a-Box can run as a plugin in any VST-compatible DAW.